7 Reasons You Need a Social Media Manager Right Now!

1. Social Media Clean Up Crew – we are available to clean up your inbox or your direct messages that you may receive on Twitter or messages you receive on Facebook or LinkedIn.  All too often your inbox can get cluttered with useless information, so we clean it up for you and only leave the important ones for you to view at your leisure.  There are programs that can also be applied to simply the method but it is best to have a human eye determine what spam is and what may be important information.  Too often the programs available can not distinguish between and automatic direct message from a ‘real’ message and will delete all of them.

2. Develop Systems – we will sit down with each individual client and help develop systems that will work for them.  Some may need information researched and we have the ability to help with that aspect as well.

3. Status Updates – We will post pre-approved status updates to make it easier for the individual/client.  Content is researched via blogs and articles that may pertain to their niche and post accordingly.  Too often this is where the overwhelm can occur. It is almost impossible to do all the research and maintain your business and we can help.

4. Application Investigation – The age of technology is ever changing and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest gadget that can help you with your social media success.  We investigate the different tools available that may apply to the different social medial outlets.  Depending on the client’s business some may or may not work and instead of doing the trial and error themselves, we can do it for them.

5. Determine the Best Platforms – The fast paced client may enjoy Twitter but will be missing out on a large avenue or potential on Facebook or LinkedIn.  We can monitor their profiles on the other outlets to help expand the exposure that is necessary in the online world.  The same applies to the offline business that is trying to get more exposure online via the social media platforms.  We do all the digging and research so they don’t have to.

6. Social Media Support – The social media assistant is available to do pre-show interviews for future radio show or podcast guests.  Soon after they will also help promote the different shows or events.  This type of support is priceless and so much needed.
7. Transparency Maintenance – All too often individuals may feel that they are not being authentic if they are not answering all of the ‘tweets’ or messages on the different social media platforms.  Let me stress that we do not post anything that the client has not already approved or sent to us in advance.  We are here to support the digital relationship and engagement that is necessary to succeed in the online world. In essence we as Social Media Managers will take all the headaches and overwhelm off of your shoulders.  We will partner with you and help you with all the technological aspects that you may or may not have time to learn.  Some will claim to have the knowledge of the technological part which is great, but they merely don’t have the necessary time to devote to social media.  Instead of trying to do it all on your own, let us help you.  Any business person from any field can benefit from a Social Media Virtual Assistant.  We can help from posting articles on your blog to researching content to be shared on the different social media platforms. The point is to allow someone else to do the tedious work or the work that takes too much time away from your main focus. The transparency part is not an issue, because again we will never post anything that is not pre-approved or given to us prior to posting.  We merely make your life easier.  Be sure to do your homework and research within your network first before hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant.  You want to be sure you are hiring a qualified individual and someone in your network may be aware of someone that can fit your criteria.  Our company performs a social media evaluation to determine if our services are needed and we will work well together.  For more information on the evaluation be sure to visit our website: www.facebook.com/hysocialmedia. Most importantly remember to have fun on the different social media platforms. Reach out to people and share your business, your vision, your service or product.  It does not have to be overwhelming but when that time comes, know that we are here to help you.

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