Mistakes Made by Malaysian on Facebook

Did you know in Malaysia, there are many businesses using Facebook personal profiles (personal account) as their businesses platforms? So you can see a business has 375 friends, went to school, lives in Kuala Lumpur and . In Facebook, Personal Profile is for person. So for business, it must be at Facebook Page (Facebook Fan Page). Is it difficult to create Facebook Page? No, it is not. It is a step by step process. Currently, it becomes easier because Facebook Page change to Timeline. It is same as your Personal Facebook Profile if you are using Facebook Timeline. No more default custom landing page to create. Just upload your logo and cover photo.               

Many businesses used “Find us on Facebook” on their offline advertisements. But the fact is, we can not find them! So, what are the solutions? There are two (2); firstly, get you first 100 fans to lock up your business name.  Secondly, get your username or vanity URL (eg:www.facebook.com/HYSocialMedia). Actually, to get vanity URL, it requires 25 fans. You can have different names for both. But, why you want to have different names? It is better to have the only one and the same name for your Facebook, Website, Twitter and etc.                  

Nowadays, to get match with all our businesses names across the Internet is uncertainty. Even the big company such as Maybank has different names for Website (maybank2u), Facebook (maybank) and Twitter (mymaybank). So, start now or losing your business name! To check the availability of your business names go to www.KnowEm.com or www.NameChk.com.  While writing this post, I try to check my desire business name. Sadly, it is not available on Twitter, Blogger and Wordpress!!!               

In Malaysia, most of businesses use Facebook alone as their social media platform. They are not considering other powerful platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. To get the best results on social media, it is better to use all the big-four!

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